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Rainbow Hub School

Rainbow Hub is an independent special school for children aged 5-11 with neuro-disabilities including cerebral palsy.We believe that every child is entitled to and engaging, challenging and personalised curriculum which meets their unique profile of needs.

Rainbow Hub School

Families are right at the heart of Rainbow Hub. Based in Mawdesley, Lancashire, we’re a charity that provides children and young people with physical disabilities as a result of a neurological condition or brain injury with our child brain injury rehab services.

Since 2001, we’ve supported up to as many as 85 families per week with our child brain injury services, helping children to reach their full potential and gain more independence through fun, hands- on therapies, while giving their parents the vital support they deserve

  • We can meet physical needs but also offer academic challenges.
  • We understand how children with brain injuries should be taught.
  • We have staff who are experienced in working with children who have brain injuries.

How we differ from
other special schools

Rainbow Hub has been providing Conductive Education and other therapies to children and young people with neurological and physical disabilities for over 20 years. We are well known for our team of specialists offering a holistic approach to the health and well-being of every child we support and their families.

Over the years, we have repeatedly heard the concerns of parents and families about the need for a specialist educational provision for special needs children. We have developed Rainbow Hub School and extended our team to specialise in teaching with an emphasis on their health and education.


Explore Rainbow Hub School’s specialised education for children with disabilities. Download our prospectus to discover 20 years of expertise in holistic well-being, nurturing environments, and a supportive community. Join us on this educational journey.

DISCLAIMER: Our full website is coming soon, full policies are available on request from info@rainbowhub.org a list of which can be found in our Prospectus.

What we offer

  • A positive, fun and vibrant learning environment where pupils feel engaged, motivated and excited to learn.

  • Small classes led by special education teachers and
    supported by a dedicated team of teaching assistants.

  • Access to a curriculum which is appropriate and
    engaging; challenging and creative and through
    ‘Assessment for Learning’, personalised to enable all
    pupils make outstanding progress.

  • Physical therapists who can help pupils with mobility
    issues or other physical disabilities improve their motor
    function and independence.


At Rainbow Hub School we have the highest aspirations
for all our pupils. We offer a curriculum which is engaging,
challenging and creative. It is broader and more holistic
than a traditional curriculum and will incorporate a
therapeutic framework to support the physical
development of pupils.

A balanced and varied programme
will provide a highly personalised approach to learning
which will enable all pupils make outstanding progress in
the following five key areas:

  • Academic Skills
  • Physical Challenge
  • Independence and Self Care
  • Communication and
  • Interaction
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to help Rainbow Hub. Take on a challenge, do your own event, volunteer at one of ours, sign up or make a single ‘quick click’ donation. Whatever you do, it will brighten the lives of more disabled children and young people.
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Rainbow Hub
Salt Pit Lane
Mawdesley, Lancashire
L40 2QX

Tel: 01704 823276
Email: info@rainbowhub.org

Rainbow Hub is the trading name of the Rainbow Hub NW Ltd

Rainbow Hub is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, registered office address: Salt Pit Lane, Mawdesley, Nr Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40 2QX, registered company number: 6725399, and a charity registered in England and Wales, registered charity number: 1127498