No small victories

Imagine standing
on your own two feet

Although born full term, Jack got caught in the cord and was unresponsive when delivered. He was taken away for tests before going onto the special care unit where he stayed for nine long days until being allowed home.

Jack had a brain scan just before his first birthday. His family were told that he had severe cerebral palsy in all four limbs and would never be able to sit, crawl, stand, walk or talk. By two, he started attending Rainbow Hub and within 12 months could lie on his front and back with straight limbs. He could also sit cross-legged without support for a short period and sit balanced on a chair. Suddenly the future was looking so much brighter.

Now aged 10, Jack can stand, transfer from his chair and say a few words, giving him more independence than ever before.

Imagine climbing
the stairs independently

A sprightly four year-old with a determined personality, Georgiana has a rare metabolic genetic disease called GA1. Following a strict calorie and protein controlled diet, any illness has to be very closely monitored, occasionally in hospital due to a possible stroke or something even worse.

Physical disabilities mainly come from a low muscle tone, affecting her balance and co-ordination. Resulting in over 30 falls each and every day, along with an ability to only walk short distances.

Rainbow Hub has helped Georgiana to improve her balance and muscle strength, which has had a positive effect on performing activities and gaining independence. Able to be herself and comfortable around children living with similar problems, she’s grown in confidence and Rainbow Hub has also done wonders for her family’s social life.

Imagine not always
coming last

11 year-old Phoebe has the rare condition of Moebius Syndrome. This causes a paralysis of the face, which means she has no facial expressions and is unable to eat, so is fed via a specialist tube. Phoebe also has curvature of the spine and has undergone a number of painful operations to stabilise her condition.

Attending Rainbow Hub from the age of two, Phoebe initially had very low muscle tone and was only just able to sit. Since then, our team has worked hard to teach her to stand, crawl and walk.

Among her aims were learning to bounce so she could play on a trampoline like other children, as well as learning to run so she wouldn’t always come last on sports day. Without Rainbow Hub, Phoebe wouldn’t be the strong, independent and happy girl she is today.

Imagine signing
your first word

Living with cystic fibrosis and complex health needs, Abu’s cheeky and lovable character hides the very serious nature of his condition well. Before attending Rainbow Hub, he was unable to walk, talk or even play independently. 

Rainbow Hub has opened so many doors for Abu and his family, helping the four year-old to achieve goals beyond his limits. The results speak for themselves, as he can now walk independently and is learning to sign more and more new words.

Given the opportunity to be himself, Abu’s family is immensely proud of how much he has overcome and what he can achieve in the future, thanks to the love and dedicated support of Rainbow Hub.

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