Step Safe

Helping children
find their feet

Step Safe is perfect for children and young people who are walking independently or with a frame, but have difficulty in negotiating the world around them.

They may find changes in flooring or surfaces difficult to manage. They may be unable to step over or walk around obstructions. Climbing or descending stairs and curbs could be challenging, or they might have difficulty in looking down due to visual impairment or cognitive issues.

Whatever makes your child unsteady on their feet, our Step Safe sessions will improve their walking pattern and teach them strategies to help access new environments. Learning to accept different surfaces, they can practice moving around obstacles and build their stamina, as well as confidence in their own ability.

It’s all about reducing the need for hoisting by promoting a better attitude towards trying new things and gaining more independence.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to help Rainbow Hub. Take on a challenge, do your own event, volunteer at one of ours, sign up or make a single ‘quick click’ donation. Whatever you do, it will brighten the lives of more disabled children and young people.

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