Rebound Therapy

Helping children
bounce back

What child doesn’t want to be active, move around and have fun? Those who visit Rainbow Hub are no different, and our Rebound Therapy courses help them to do so.

Our Rebound Therapy exercises involve the use of a trampoline to facilitate movement, encourage therapeutic exercise and provide recreation for children with physical disabilities. Promoting balance, relaxation, sensory integration and an increase or decrease in muscle tone, Rebound Therapy also works to improve overall fitness, exercise tolerance and communication skills.

The launch pad
to greater mobility

Rebound Therapy is one of the most popular activities for disabled children of every age. Delivered in hourly one-to-one and group sessions over 12 weeks. Our Rebound Therapy courses involve an assessment and programme using trampolines for enhanced movement patterns, therapeutic positioning, exercise and recreation. All improving the mobility and physical strength of children with additional needs.


The Benefits of Rebound Therapy exercises Include:

  • Improved strength of limbs 
  • Muscle tone and freedom of movement
  • Better coordination, balance, reaction speed, height and depth perception
  • Numeracy, communication, spatial and social awareness
  • Eye contact and colour recognition
  • Patience, stamina, trust, consideration of others
  • Independence and self-confidence
  • Sense of achievement
  • Fun and enjoyment

Rebound Therapy

Here are answers to questions that we are regularly asked by our families.

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  • general questions
  • Is Rebound Therapy suitable for my child?

    Rebound Therapy is suitable for many children and young people but for some conditions there is an increased risk.  Rebound Therapy is not suitable for those who are pregnant or have spinal rods, Brittle Bones Disease, detaching retinas, confirmed Atlanto Axial Instability or Dwarfism.

  • How will my child benefit?

    Children benefit from Rebound Therapy in many different ways.  For some children it will be of physical benefit, for some it will be of sensory benefit and for others it will be a calming experience.  We will work with you and your child to look at how rebound therapy can best help.

  • How long is a Rebound Therapy Session?

    Our Rebound Therapy sessions are for 1 hour but the time spent on the trampoline can vary for every child depending on their need.  After the initial assessment, if Rebound Therapy is suitable and a session time is available you will be offered a regular weekly session for a period of 12 weeks.

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