FIFA World Cup 2022

Fundraising for Rainbow Hub during the FIFA World Cup

Score a sense of pride this winter by supporting Rainbow Hub alongside your World Cup festivities.

We have a handful of fun ways you can get involved, with the most popular one being our World Cup Sweepstakes.

So regardless of the results on the pitch, feel good this World Cup knowing you’ve helped contribute to Rainbow Hub’s GOAL! of improving the lives of children and young people affected with neurological disorders.

and more!

Click on the options below for some of the ways you can get involved.  Although we welcome any creativity you have with fundraising and please tag us in any activities you have going on.

Don’t forget to contact us when you’ve made your World Cup-related donation and we’ll get a certificate sent out to you thanking you for your efforts and giving you a trophy of sorts to show for your kind efforts.

You can contact us through our social media channels, or let us know by email through the buttons here.

Thank you to HCB Solicitors for sponsoring our World Cup Sweepstakes campaign.

Go for GOAL

Thank you for supporting Rainbow Hub this World Cup, and we hope you have a great time with whichever activity you take part in.

  • select your option
  • World Cup Sweepstakes

    Download our World Cup Sweepstakes Pack here

    All details of how to play are in the document, so simply print off and kick off your World Cup fundraising campaign at your workplace, club, etc.

    Sponsored by HCB Solicitors.

  • Wear your team shirts at work!

    A simple means to help Rainbow Hub as you may have seen already is a themed dress-down day at work/ school/ etc.

    Set a date in advance, and let your workplace/ school know that if they pay a suggested amount (set by you) they can forego any usual formal attire in favour of wearing their team colours.

    You don't need to make this exclusive to Football Shirts, be creative and inclusive to help get all your staff involved.

  • Gaming Tournament

    Consider yourself a FIFA master?
    Then what better time than now to host a mini-tournament?

      •Find a venue (if not your workplace)
      •Advertise the event to your friends/ family on social media etc
      •Ensure you'll have enough gaming setups for the event (e.g. 2 consoles, and 2 HDTV's)

    Set an entry fee for each entrant in advance, and then dedicate a percentage of those funds toward Rainbow Hub with the rest of the money going to the winner(s).

    Sometimes you can get venues themselves to help promote your event or even dedicate a food/ drinks prize if you'll be potentially helping them bring more customers in on a day that might otherwise have been quiet.


Get Involved

There are lots of ways to help Rainbow Hub. Take on a challenge, do your own event, volunteer at one of ours, sign up or make a single ‘quick click’ donation. Whatever you do, it will brighten the lives of more disabled children and young people.

Rainbow Hub is the trading name of the Rainbow Hub NW Ltd

Rainbow Hub is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, registered office address: Salt Pit Lane, Mawdesley, Nr Ormskirk, Lancashire, L40 2QX, registered company number: 6725399, and a charity registered in England and Wales, registered charity number: 1127498